Joe Kessler
Joe joined the Friends in 2001 with more than 20 years of non-profit management experience, principally as an international relief and development assistance professional.
Tonia Lovejoy
Tonia LovejoyDevelopment
Tonia Lovejoy happily joined the Friends in 2016 and comes with a wealth of experience in nonprofit business development. She is dedicated to growing Friends’ endeavors.
Karen Jarvis
Karen JarvisProgram
Karen Jarvis joined us as Program Director in February 2013. A 25 year resident of St. John, Karen is committed to the enhancement of all Friends' programs, from scholarships and interns to seminars, Eco-Camps, EarthDay Environmental Fair, Beach to Beach Power Swim and beyond.
Nancy Deschler
Nancy DeschlerDevelopment
Nancy Deschler comes with a rich background in hospitality and guest services, last at the Westin on St. John. She is happy to share her skills and expertise with the Friends.
Chela Thomas
Chela ThomasAdministrative
Chela Thomas has been an unofficial member of the Friends team for almost a decade, serving as an archeology intern at Cinnamon Bay. She is thrilled to be with the Friends in this capacity and looks forward to helping you with your membership, event registration and sharing general info.
Lydia Boynes
Lydia BoynesStore
A member of the Friends staff since October of 2012, Lydia can help you with matters related to both the Mongoose Junction and Visitors Center stores, Friends license plates, and information about the Reef Bay and L’Esperance ranger-led hikes. Contact Lydia. For information about Reef Bay and L'Esperance hikes click here.

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