Playground Repairs

  • fencing
  • trash cans
  • swing set
  • playhouse structures
  • landscape

Missing Window

Broken Swing Set

Broken Fence

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What we can do together

Our National Park has asked for the community's support in repairing the playground fence. We are asking for your help in meeting their basic request to repair the fence, and beyond! The National Park playground is a popular spot for local families as well as visiting. It is located next to the Visitor's Center in downtown Cruz Bay, just behind the pavilion and commemorative statue for the park's founders. If we have your support we would like to make more needed repairs. Will you donate to help? 


Imagine .. a native plants garden, educational signs, new structures and improved design for this well-used and highly valued space .. The playground was repaired several years ago by Friends of the Park with the help of many volunteers. So, we know we can do more with your help now! Please help us raise the funds to do a GREAT job repairing the playground, so that it will be fun and safe for children to enjoy for years to come.

Needs Assessment: 
The playground is in particular demand since both community ballfields were lost as a result of the storms of 2017. On any given day dozens of children use the playground. During the summer of 2018, the Parks and Recreation 60+ summer campers visited the park almost daily! Clean, safe, public spaces are essential to a healthy community. Let's make this happen for our kids!

1. Replace the flooring (now sand/grass) with something that does not hide glass and cigarette butts.
2. Replace the smaller playhouse structure (missing windows and shows severe deterioration) with an alternative type of play station for younger children.
3. Replace the swing set with a new design (the current swing set has lost access to most of its swings due to the chains breaking, and negligent use). 
4. Turn on water fountatin
5. Replace Trash cans
6. Landscaping for Native Plant Garden
7. Night-time lights (LED)
8. Interpretative signs (eg: educational signs about native plants, animals)
9. Instructional signs (eg: use trash cans, be respectful)

Playground Repairs

$ 1,925.00
$ 1,800.00
107% Donated

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