The Friends supports and manages over 30 programs annually valued at nearly $1 million that typically fall into three categories:

  • Protecting the Park's natural resources which includes trail maintenance, native plant restoration, habitat protection both on land and in the ocean, and scientific research on coral reefs, sea turtles, bats, birds and vegetation.
  • Preserving the island’s cultural heritage including funding the Park’s archeological program, restoring and maintaining ruins, supporting the Folk Life Festival, and hosting cultural seminars and workshops.
  • Connecting community to the Park through our Ranger Hawksbill app, a series of youth programs, educational outreach to boaters, and an extensive event and seminar program including hosting the Earth Day Festival.

In addition, since the devastation of the hurricanes of 2017, substantial resources have been dedicated to recovery, rebuilding and restoring of trails, structures, and natural resources.

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