Folklife Festival

Since 1996, the Friends has sponsored the annual Folklife Festival during Black History Month at the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. This well-attended event features cultural demonstrations from the plantation era as well as African song, dance and storytelling.

This annual festival, attended by hundreds of Virgin Island students as well as park visitors, focuses on the islands’ rich cultural history, including representation from other islands whose traditions have now been integrated into Virgin Islands culture. It features traditional music, storytelling, arts and crafts, traditional foods, and activity stations, giving the students opportunities to reconnect with their ancestors, inspiring a generation of future culture bearers. 

Many history teachers utilize this program as part of their curriculum (students are encouraged and have been observed taking notes and asking questions). The Folklife Festival is an important effort to keep local culture alive as the lifeways of people from the past are disappearing and has been called the cultural highlight of the year.
video provided courtesy of the NPS and Esther Francis
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