Help Keep Our Beaches Trash Free!

Let's get dirty!  Twice a year in April and October volunteers and sponsors get to work to keep St. John beaches clean!

April is Earth Month
In honor of Earth Day on April 22. 
Ocean Week (October 10-17)
In conjunction with Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup.

Typically we would ask you to join one of the awesome teams below or sign up to sponsor a beach but this year EVERYONE IS GOING SOLO! Please join us in keeping our beaches and anywhere else on our beautiful island clean by picking up trash. Post and tag us on social media as we would love to celebrate your work with you!  Thank you!   


Salomon - St. John Brewers
, Kevin Chipman

Honeymoon Beach, Scott Beach and Henley Bay Beach - VI EcoTours, Sybille Sorrentino

Hawksnest - Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Suki Buchalter

Jumbie - St. John Rotary, BJ Harris

Trunk Bay - Gifft Hill School, Jennifer Sampsell

Cinnamon Bay - Get Trashed St. John, Erin Lieb

Maho Bay - St. John Organics, Lisbeth Boger / Maho Crossroads

Princess Bay - Virgin Islands Expedition Co, Michael Spivey

Francis Bay

Leinster Bay

Brown Bay

Haulover(N) - St. John Land Conservancy, Raf & Thia Muilenberg

Haulover(S)/Dreekets Bay - Reef2Peak, Jenn Russ

Salt Pond/Drunk Bay - Wednesday April 15/9am-12pm - Friends of VINP, Jennifer Stone

Great Lameshur Bay

Little Lameshur

Reef Bay


Klein Bay - Holiday Homes, Miles Stair

Hart Bay - Chocolate Hole Landowners Ass., John Hill

Great Cruz Bay

Frank Bay - Coconut Coast Studios, Elaine Estern

Cruz Bay - Julius Sprauve School

Privateer Bay - Island Green Living Association, Doug White

Europa Bay

Friis Bay

Denis Bay

Calabash Beach -Coral Bay Community Council, Mary Vargo

Leduck Island

Kiddel Bay - Kelly and Jason Larkin

Durloe Cays

Stevens Cay

Grootpan Bay

Whistling Cay -
Maya Pierce

Ocean Week 2019 Gallery

Thank you to everyone who adopted beaches, volunteered, picked up trash, and switched out their sunscreen for reef safe options!
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