Hassel Island Historic Trails Project


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Hassel Island Historic Trails Project
Virgin Islands National Park


Active Trails Grant Project
National Park Foundation

During the Hassel Island Historic Trails Project, the park and its partner organizations conducted archaelogical surverys, cleared trails, removed vegetation surrounding historic structures, created and installed 12 interpretive trail signs, produced a site information pamphlet, and presented the island and its importance to the community through several events. Thanks to the National Park Foundation Active Trails program, this site of local and U.S. heritage is finally beginning to gain the attention that it deserves in order for the island's history to be preserved for our future generations.


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The following images show the new interpretive trail system in place on Hassel Island. This trail follows historic passage routes across the island and provides visitor access ot the military, industrial and maritime history of the island.

hassel_14 hassel_15 hassel_13 hassel_8 hassel_11 hassel_9 hassel_12 hassel_10 hassel_6

Views of cleared sections of trail on Hassel Island. Prior to the grant project, accessing the historic structures on the island was challenging due to the dense tropical vegetation.



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