Ways to help at home

Little ways you can help to preserve the cultural and natural resources of
Virgin Islands National Park and St. John

When beaching it:
• Before you leave, look around- are you leaving any garbage behind?
• Take only photos, leave only footprints – it is illegal to take coral or sand off island

When snorkeling or diving:
• Touch nothing - the slightest touch with hands or fins can irreparably damage coral
• Remain horizontal in shallow water so fins do not damage coral
• Swim out and away from coral to adjust your snorkel gear


When boating:
• Be sure not to anchor on coral or seagrass beds– they can be destroyed easily, and are extremely important because they provide shelter, food, and breeding grounds to fish, sea turtles, and marine organisms
• Do not drive fast – engine props can harm sea turtles and other marine animals

When hiking:
• Stay on the trail – foot traffic causes erosion and can damage and destroy
sensitive plant species
• Do not touch any historic structures– many of the stone ruins here on St. John
are unstable and can be damaged easily
• Bring a bag and take out any garbage (including your own) that you find along the trail

When at your home/villa:
• Remember to turn off unneeded lights – conserving energy is always a good idea
• Conserve water – it’s an extremely precious resource here in the islands
• Minimize your waste – unfortunately there is little recycling here on St. John, so shop smart and buy items with less packaging, and reuse disposable items if possible

When dining out:
• Make eco-friendly seafood selections – mahi mahi, tilapia, Pacific halibut, wahoo, and farmed scallops are a few examples of eco-friendly seafood. Poor eco-choices include: grouper, Atlantic halibut, bluefin tuna, swordfish, Chilean seabass, and snapper. (visit www.fishphone.org for more eco-friendly seafood advice.)
Thank you for helping to keep our island beautiful!



Your support is essential to the protection and preservation of Virgin Islands National Park for this, and future generations.




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